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Here’s why you should check out our big smoker for sale for Memphis

A reverse flow smoker can be the ideal option for you if you’re looking for your first smoker. Traditional offset smokers can be difficult to use, however the ease of using a reverse flow smokers beats everything else. Here are some of the advantages of using our big smokers for sale for Memphis over other types of smokers.


Smoke Distribution That Is Even

The best part is that the smoke is forced to the far sides of the cooking area when using a reverse flow smoker. Then, by bringing it back over the meat to the exhaust, the quantity of smoke that each piece of meat receives is evened out. In a typical offset smoker, smoke enters from the side, travels over the meat, and then exits through the exhaust. However, the smoke does not always evenly cover the meat. Because the smoke does not always rise quickly through the cooking greats, the meat closest to the inlet may not receive much smoke at all. Other times, it may rise quickly, but the meat closest to the exhaust will not receive much smoke due to the lid being too high.

Heat is distributed evenly

The induction plate on the inside of a reverse flow smoker acts as a heat barrier, reducing hot areas inside the smoker. Hot spots exist in all smokers; however, reverse flow smokers have fewer hot spots than other types of smokers as the meat is cooked from bottom to top, whereas in a traditional offset smoker the meat is cooked from top to bottom. In a reverse flow, the baffle plate heats up as the smoke passes beneath it, resulting in equal heat distribution throughout the cooking surface.

Spikes in temperature are less common

You’ll have fewer temperature spikes in a reverse flow smoker because of the metal plate. This is due to the fact that the metal plate must heat up before the heat can reach the cooking surface. So, if you lose control of your fire, you’ll have enough time to regain it before the heat spreads around the cooking area. If you’re new to smoking meats and are still learning how to control the temperature, this is a good option.

Improved flavour and moisture

A reverse flow smoker creates a uniform cooking scenario by forcing hot air and smoke under the baffle (an added metal plate) and back through the cooking chamber, reversing the air flow. This technique helps improve the flavour and moisture of the meat as the fat melts down and sears on the griddle pan making it luscious and flavourful.

To conclude, if you are looking to upgrade your charcoal grill with a reverse flow smoker in Memphis, make sure to check out some incredible smokers at Blowin’ Smoke Cookers.

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