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Unique Features of Custom-built Smoker Grills

Do you love the taste of smoked meats? If so, you need a smoker grill! These grills are perfect for smoking meats, poultry, fish, and more. There are many different types of custom-built smokers for sale in Illinois, but you should consider a custom-built smoker grill if you want something unique.

At Blowin' Smoke Cookers, we specialize in building custom grills perfect for your needs. We offer options like:

1) Folding Roofs

Our smoker grills have the option to add a folding roof to most of them. Having a roof that folds out gives the user protection from the hot sun while cooking. Some regions even tell us not to bring a cooker without a roof because they like them so much . A roof also protects you from those summer showers that pop up without any notice . You and your cooker just continue business as usual until the shower moves on . When you are ready to move just fold the panels down for easy transport .

2) Custom Paint Job

All of our smoker grills come with a black hi heat paint job. If you want to jazz things up a little we can add a custom paint job. We can match the color of your grill to the color of your house or car or your business color scheme . We can also add graphics or logos to the grill. This is a great way to show off your personality and make your grill stand out.

3) Custom Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires on our custom-built smoker grills in Illinois are one of the unique features. Typically, these grills are built with heavy-duty wheels and tires that can handle a lot of weight and look professional. As an option , we can add custom wheels and tires to give you that flashy look when you pull into an event.

4) Sink with Hot and Cold Running Water

A sink with hot and cold running water allows the grill master to quickly clean up without lugging around a hose or bucket after a cookout. We offer custom grills with a water heater, a pump, a 5-gallon source tank, and a 7-gallon catch tank. Our sink package is also health department compliant with 4 basins.

5) Cast Iron Griddles

Cast iron griddles provide even heat distribution, making them ideal for cooking large quantities of food. These grills can withstand high temperatures, ideal for searing meat or cooking items like breakfast after a contest. In addition, the natural patina that forms on cast iron griddles can help give food a unique flavor.

Apart from these, our custom-built smoker grills for Texas have storage boxes and cabinets with shelves that can be added as an option that make it easy to organize all of your grilling supplies.

Deep fryers in 3 different sizes are also available to make your cooking experience more fun and delicious. So, if you want a truly unique smoker grill, consider a custom-built smoker grill from Blowin' Smoke Cookers.

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