Royall Ironman Cooker Ugly Drum Smoker UDS

You'll be the envy of the neighborhood once you set up the Ironman UDS Drum Smoker. This massive smoker features a wide cooking grate that's perfect for smoking a whole turkey or a hunk of prime rib. Our "Not So" Ugly Drum Smoker features a refillable large capacity fire basket to keep you cooking for hours. The smoker has a temperature range between 220° and 325°F that's easily monitored with the front mounted thermometer. Welded air intake and exhaust pipes make adjusting the temperature super easy.

Ironman Cooker Ugly Drum Smoker Specifications:

• Grill Construction:
14ga and 16ga Carbon Steel, High Temperature Powder Coated Finish

• Cooking Surface:
22" Round, 10ga, (Qty 1) Grates, 380 Sq In Total

• Cooking Area:
3,040 Cubic Inches

• Grill Weight:
255 lbs, 265 lbs Shipped (approx)

• Grill Dimensions:
26" x 31" x 38" (DxWxH)

• Temperature Range:
Temperature Is Adjusted By The Air Induction System

• Fuel Capacity:
12" x 8.5" Fuel Area

Ironman Ugly Drum Smoker Green