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Build Options

We offer many build options. Your imagination is the only limits as to what we can do. Griddles are always a nice addition. A roof that folds out to protect you from the hot summer sun is always a welcome addition. Health department compliant sinks with hot and cold running water are another option. We have more options to offer you than you have ideas because we meet a LOT of people and all of them have an idea that they would like to build. If you see something you like, let's get started with YOUR custom build. If you don't see it, just ask. We have probably done it before.

Roofs can be put on all our cookers. They fold down for transport down the road. When you arrive at your destination just unfold them into place and cook all day in the shade.

Gameday Smoker w/roof

Custom Wheels and Tires are always an easy way to spiff up your rig and give it a professional appearance.

Custom Wheel Upgrades

Large Cookers with large roofs

Goliath Smoker with a roof

Custom paint in the color of your choice can make your rig fit in with your company's image. Add custom signage with your company colors and a matching logo and they will know who has arrived when you pull into any event.

Themed Smoker

Sinks with hot and cold running water. We can add health department compliant sink packages if that is your bag. We can also add just a large stainless sink for cleanup after the cook.

Our sink packages include on demand hot water heater as well as the pump, 5 gallon source tank and 7 gallon catch tank.

Smoker with sinks
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