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Weekender Deluxe

Weekender Deluxe

Normal Price: $5300

Cash Discount Price $5100*

*Cash= Verifiable cashiers check,cash,wire transfer

Deluxe Specs

Top selling compact in it’s class.  This has everything you need for the big party!

1.  Main smoker tank is 1/4" rolled diamond tread steel.

2.  Measuring 60"x 30" with two slide out cooking racks sized at:  54"x 28" and 54"x 20"

3.  Insulated Firebox 30"x 20"x 30"

4.  Rib box 19"x 24"x 30"

5. Wood Storage basket 30"x 24"x 16"

6.  Fish fryer mounted on backside of the main chamber along with an L.P. bottle rack.

7. If you want the best of both worlds, this cooker can be specially configured so that the reverse flow plate can be removed and a charcoal rack is added below the plate. What that does is allow you the ability to convert the main smoking chamber into a direct grill for steaks or burgers. When you are ready to smoke just reinstall the reverse flow plate and then you are ready to slow smoke again.This cooker does not come standard with that option but it is an affordable build option if you think you might need some grill space added to it.

*This is a reverse flow smoker.*

All prices listed are for standard builds with no optional accessories.

Some smokers that are pictured have upgraded rims, double doors and optional upgrades added.

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