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Large Models

Blowin’ Smoke Cookers serves customers with a variety of needs. Our range of custom-built smokers includes large cooking systems that can accommodate massive barbeques and professionals in the culinary industry. They feature a reverse-flow design that forces heat to reach every cooking surface. Plus, when all those delicious juices come out of the meat, they collect on a convection plate where they smoke off and go right back in during cooking.


While we offer various small and standard-sized models, our custom smoker builders can provide much larger units. The Gamechanger, which includes a 60” x 31” cooking area, insulated firebox, and fish fryer, is not our largest model. In fact, we can take things to a whole new level with the epic models highlighted below:

Southern Comfort

Provides 60” x 38” of cooking space with 3 slide out racks; one is 54” x 38” and the other is 54” x 30”. The unit also features a rib box that is 40” x 18” x 36” with five 38” x 16” racks, while the charcoal grill, at 30” x 40” x 38”, has two 30” x 38” racks. In addition, the Southern Comfort has a 38” x 20” x 20” insulated firebox. It can also be configured with lighter square cabinet doors, a sink, griddle, covered storage, or a gas deep fryer.

Reverse Flow Smoker and Grill
Dual Reverse Flow Smoker and Grill

Available in standard and custom configurations, the Goliath Reverse Flow Smoker features two main smoker tanks, each with two slide out racks (for a total of four). In each tank, there is a 54” x 38” and 54” x 30” rack. The smoker is equipped with a 34” x 18” x 36” front rib box with three racks and a 30” x 40” x 38” charcoal grill with two racks as well as two insulated fireboxes, two deep fryers, a storage area in back, and a dual-axle trailer.


Featuring the most cooking surface of our standard models, the Avery features a 6’ x 5’ work area with six slide-out racks measuring 69” x 28” each. As in our other models, the smoke chamber features 1/4” diamond tread steel. An extra-large back rib box measures 40” x 18” x 44” and includes five 38” x 17” racks. The insulated firebox measures 40” x 20” x 20” while the entire unit sits on a dual-axle trailer. A 5’ x 5’ front storage basket is also included.

Reverse Flow Smoker and Grill

To top things off, we can add a fold-down roof to your smoker. A BBQ smoker build can also feature custom wheels and tires, sinks with hot and cold running water, and paint and signage customized to your brand. Just consult with the Blowin’ Smoke BBQ experts to discuss your requirements.

Reverse Flow Smoker and Grill

Superior Craftsmanship

Diamond tread steel construction and a dedication to quality ensure our cookers last. Our custom-built smokers can last a lifetime and we can accommodate your needs and budget. To learn more about our large models, unbeatable financing, and easy online application process, call us today at 405-820-8846 or fill out our contact form.

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