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1202 E. Oklahoma Ave.


What are our hours? That is a question that we get asked quite often because a lot of our customers come from out of town to see us. Normally we are at the shop between 8:00 and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We know that some may need to come on weekends or a little later on weekdays. If you will contact us a little ahead of time we will try to make arrangements to accommodate you.

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What if I want one of your smokers but are unable to come to where you are to pick it up?

  Don't let that situation stop you from having the reverse flow smoker of your dream! We offer delivery services direct to your driveway. Delivery is a service that we offer, however it is not free. There are still expenses involved like fuel, mileage and time involved to make your delivery. Delivery is just a service of convenience for our customers and a lot of our customers consider their costs of the hours,miles and fuel involved to make it happen and realize that our services cave them a bunch of all of those things. Pick out the one you like and contact us for a delivery quote.