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Santa Maria Grills

Santa Maria.jpg

Never heard of one? Santa Maria Style grilling dates back to the mid 1800s when ranchers  (living around Santa Maria) who owned sprawling spreads would hold celebration feasts for their vaqueros or cowboys. In more recent history, Ronald Regan held several Santa-Maria style feasts at the White House during his presidency. 

$2200 as pictured above
$2350 with pneumatic wheels


What is the brasero? The Brasero is like a fireplace on a grill. It allows you to burn logs and make your own charcoal for cooking.


One grill, 2 styles of removable grates. They are removable for easy cleaning. The standard style is for any meats but if you are cooking a fatty type of meat use the Argentine style so that the fat and juices run down the channeled grates into a tray to prevent fire flare ups.

santa maria3.jpg

The front is designed like a drop down tailgate for easy cleaning. The floor of the chamber is lined with firebrick to direct the heat upwards as well as protect the steel floor.


What is the big wheel and bar across the top for? If your fire is a little too hot just turn the wheel to raise what you are cooking away from the fire. If you need a little more heat just lower it closer to the fire.

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