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Southern Comfort Reverse Flow Smoker

Reverse Flow Smoker
Reverse Flow Smoker
Reverse Flow Smoker

Normal Price: $7325
Cash Discount Price $7025*

*Cash= Verifiable cashiers check,cash,wire transfer

Southern Comfort Specs
This is the 'Big Brother' to the Ultimate Gameday and 'Little Brother' to the Goliath! Great all'round grill and smoker combo!

1.  Main smoker tank rolled 1/4" diamond tread  steel 

2. Measuring 60"X38" with 3 slide out racks sized at: 54"X38" and 54"X30"

3. Rib box 40"X18"X36" 5 racks 38"X16" 

4. Charcoal grill 30"X40"X38" two racks 30"X38" 

5. Insulated firebox 38"X20"X20" 

The Southern Comfort has a multitude of different configuration options that can be added. The main chamber doors can get heavy on a cooker of this size so if that may be an issue for you, we can build it with square cabinet doors. No more lifting heavy doors!

It has plenty of room on the back side to add a sink package, a Black Stone Griddle, covered storage, a gas deep fryer. It also does well with a roof. Just ask us!
*This is a reverse flow smoker*
All prices listed are for standard builds with no optional accessories.
Some smokers that are pictured have upgraded wheels, and optional upgrades added.

Reverse Flow Smoker
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