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Chub deluxe smoker

Chub Deluxe

Normal Price: $3600
Cash Discount Price $3450*

*Cash= Verifiable cashiers check,cash,wire transfer



The Deluxe Chub

The Deluxe Chub has casters on the legs to make it mobile.

The appearance of it's size in the pictures may just fool you about it's capacity. The top rack alone is capable of holding two packer briskets at the same time.

   The lower shelf has larger capacity than the top shelf. It will feed a lot of people at one time.

  The reverse flow plate that is in the bottom can also be removed to convert the main chamber into a direct grill. It includes an additional rack in the bottom to build your fire on if you are in the mood for grilling instead of smoking.

  The main chamber is 30 inches in diameter and the racks are 2 feet wide.

 The Deluxe Chub also includes an added rib box that is 2 feet wide by 18 inches deep and 30 inches tall. As it's name implies, you can cook ribs in it but it will also do just as well with any other meat. It also has the ability to close the damper and keep the smoke out of it so that it can just be used for warm holding of other meats that are being taken off the main chamber. The rib box also has 3 shelves inside that are great for cooking sides while the meat cooks in the main chamber.

 On the bottom of the cart is a shelf for storing wood or charcoal or any other cooking accessories that you may want to keep stored along with it.

 The Chub reverse flow smoker is sized so that it will satisfy the cooking needs of any family, yet be easy on the wood pile.

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