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Firehouse Smoker


Normal Price: $7750

Cash Discount Price $7450*

*Cash= Verifiable cashiers check,cash,wire transfer


This is a great box style smoker for an optimum cooking surface!

1.  Main smoker is 1/4" diamond tread steel

2.  Measuring 60"x30" with two slide out cooking racks sized at:  58"x28"

3.  Insulated firebox 30"x20"x20"

4.  Fish fryer mounted on front

5.  30"x60" storage basket on the back

The fish fryer is included on all models of the firehouse. The flat top grill in the pictures is an additional add on.

  The standard firehouse model is the one that shows the mesh basket is the standard base model shown here.                               *This is a reverse flow smoker.*

All prices listed are for standard builds with no optional accessories.

Some smokers that are pictured have upgraded wheels, and optional upgrades added.

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