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Mini Gameday


Normal Price: $5510
Cash Discount Price $5300*

*Cash= Verifiable cashiers check,cash,wire transfer

Mini Gameday

The Mini Game Day is a popular choice for a backyard style smoker. It is sized just right for keeping in your back yard but has plenty of cooking space. It has all of the options of the bigger smokers.The ability to smoke or grill along with a fish fryer as well as two prep tables. One on the front side to help with taking things in and out of the cooking chamber as well as one on the back side to aid with trimming. seasoning and wrapping meat.

Since it is still trailer mounted you still retain the ability to hook on it and take it to the lake or a party. 


Mini Gameday Specs

  1. Main smoker tank is 1/4" rolled diamond or smooth tread steel 

  2. Measuring 42 X 30 with two slide out cooking racks sized at: 28 x 36 and 21 x 36

  3. Insulated firebox 24"X 20"X 20"

  4. Rib box 18"X 24"X 32" with 3 racks 21"X 16"

  5. Charcoal grill with Insulated door and side load in for charcoal . Open assist with gas shock mechanism . 24"x 30 x 24 

  6. Fish fryer mounted on backside with upgraded prep table.

  7. *This is a reverse flow smoker.*

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