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Custom-Built Smokers and Grills

Whether you are a professional barbecuer or looking for the highest quality smoker for your backyard, Blowin’ Smoke Cookers has a model just right for you. Our selection of custom BBQ smokers are available in a wide range of sizes and wheel-mounted for ultimate portability. From our more compact units perfect for smaller spaces to our larger trailer-mounted BBQ smokers for sale, each one is of the highest professional quality so every BBQ will yield the best results possible.


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The Deluxe Chub

More Heat, Better Cooking

Most of our cookers have a reverse-flow design. What does this mean for you? Well, in addition to producing more consistent temperature, our cookers force the heat to go everywhere. When cooking meat, juices that come out of the meat go to a convection plate, smoke off, and go right back to the meat. While reverse-flow smokers have been around for some time, they have never been widely available. And you still won’t find them in your local home improvement store.


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The Xpress


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The Weekender

Custom Cookers and Smokers in All Sizes

At Blowin’ Smoke Cookers, we offer many standard types of smokers, from the Chub, a compact unit with a top-mounted hot plate and casters, to the Gamechanger, which features a 60 x 31-inch cooking area and large smoker tank. It even has an insulated firebox, fish fryer, flat top charcoal grill, and storage cabinet.

And when you call on a custom build, we can add fold-down roofs, custom wheels and tires, custom paint and signage, and built-in sinks with hot and cold running water.


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The Deluxe Weekender


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The Gameday

Built to Last

Constructed out of durable diamond tread steel and built with superior craftsmanship, our cookers are made to last a lifetime—and then some. As always, all of our fireboxes are insulated at no extra charge. As we like to say around here at Blowin’ Smoke Cookers, there’s a good chance that when you buy a grill from your local home improvement store, you’ll have it in your backyard for a couple years and then it will break. When you buy one of our grills, your kids will be wondering what to do with it when you're gone.


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The Gamechanger


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The Firehouse

Order Your Oklahoma Smoker Today

Blowin’ Smoke Cookers sells top-quality smokers that are all made in the USA. We’re centrally located in Guthrie, Oklahoma, conveniently close to Interstate 35. Come by to view our models on the lot or have one custom built.

With a versatile range of cookers in our inventory, we can accommodate different types of budgets. And we offer financing with an easy online application process. For more information on our custom-built smokers, rentals, and financing, keep browsing, contact us online, or give us a call at 405-820-8846 and we’ll answer all your questions and find the best options for you.

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